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SigTutorials is constantly looking for new high quality tutorials that teach you photoshop technique's and show you how to create signatures.

Do you like writing tutorials?

Submit them to us and get paid up to $50!!

What we are looking for

Understand that because of the popularity of this website we get asked to publish a tutorial often. We have really high standards and will only publish the best tutorials on the main website.

What we are searching for:

  • The tutorial should not be posted somewhere else, if we decide to publish it and pay you, the tutorial will become exclusive to SigTutorials.
  • The tutorial has to be unique and explain a technique / effect that hasn't been explained in any of the other tutorials on this website. We are not looking for yet another "put some C4D's on a canvas and your done" tutorial.
  • The end result of the tutorial has to be good looking, it must make people want to read the tutorial and create something similar.
  • Next to the tutorial we would also like to have the .psd file of the signature and any of the resources used.

Writing the tutorial

  • The tutorial should have an intro (what is the reader going to learn) and an conclusion (what did the reader learn)
  • All the steps in between have to be properly explained (with images). For example don't say "now take out your smudge tool and smudge", but explain what smudge tool settings you used! Don't forget that it's sometimes just as important to explain¬†why¬†you do something, next to how you do it.
  • Note that the tutorial has to be written in HTML / word, we don't accept tutorials in image form. Why? 1) they take up to much bandwith 2) the tutorials are harder to read by humans + search engine bots

Please have a look at this post that explains how to write a good tutorial.

Get paid

Here is the proces of how you will get paid:

  1. Write the tutorial
  2. Submit it using the contact form or pm me (JaspervD) on the forums
  3. I will get back to you asap with an offer. I will pay up to $50 for a really high quality tutorial
  4. If you agree on the offer, we will publish the tutorial.
  5. The money will be transfered to you before we publish the tutorial, but after you have submitted the tutorial+psd+all the resources used.

Note that from than on SigTutorial gets exclusive rights to the tutorial, you are no longer allowed to sell or share it.


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