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Smudge Video Tutorial

Posted on January 16th, 2011. Written by JaspervD.

In this video tutorial I will take you through creating the following signature. I will teach you how to use the smudge tool to create a great looking background without much effort.

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It is fully labeled, this way you can exactly see what I did when creating the signature, even steps that I didn’t explain in the tutorial.

Never again you will get stuck because you don’t understand something in the tutorial, just take a look inside the .psd file and boost your signature making skills with new technique’s and ideas!

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What you will learn in this tutorial

  • How to create a background using the smudge tool
  • How to pick a good stock
  • How to add great looking effects to your sig using the smudge tool
  • How to use the burn and dodge tool to enhance your sig
  • How to add a light source in your signature
  • How to create a simple white border

I would love to know if you liked the video tutorial and please show me your results below in the comments!

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  1. My outcome. I think its ok. Thanks much for the tutorial!

  2. ——————–
    THANKS ! for this nice tut .. these are some of my signatures

    • Good Job Aninda 🙂

  3. Easy to use tutorial with good end results! Thanks.

  4. 😛 My in game nick is Dexter.

  5. Thanks or this tutorial, helped me aloot! here’s my attempt

  6. Hmm here it is

  7. As much as I try, my smudging WON’T do the same thing as 9:27.

    • Grr… it’s… really pissing me off, I have a headache now. I literally have no idea what am I doing wrong.

  8. Thank You for this tutorial!

  9. Well this is becoming so famous!!

  10. It went well?

  11. I used the same image as you did.
    and I got this results.

    • Uhm, hows this?

  12. Not bad for my first picture 😛

  13. That was amazing

  14. Was bored, so I made another one. You don’t have to use the same color he uses.

  15. greeting to you for these tutorials. marvelous.

  16. Very good tutorial =D

  17. The outcomes of this tutorial is awesome xD Here are my 2 works ( Avatar & Signature ):

  18. Thank you Jasper for the tutorial. This has helped me alot.

  19. This is a great and useful tutorial, and it is very easy, outcome looks amazing 😛
    Good job.. KIU!

  20. HEHE

  21. Loved the Tutorial! Learned a lot in it!

  22. I did quite enjoy this tutorial! 🙂

  23. How this?

  24. Here’s my outcome 🙂

  25. my best attempt….

  26. I did this *-*
    It’s better than the frist time that i did it :3

  27. Do you like?

    • My Finish product after i watch this tutorial thanks a lot

  28. Perfect tutorial. Thank you for help me 🙂

  29. *-*
    I like it, I like it (8)
    My frist signature, thanks you <3


  1. Smudge video | Miranda1929

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