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Smudge sprite signature

Posted on September 25th, 2006. Written by JaspervD.

In this signature you will learn how to create an awesome looking background that can be used for many styles.

In this signature Dr Zapp shows you how to create the signature below using a sprite render and some really interesting photoshop technique's!

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  1. The tutorial itself isn’t hard, It’s just badly explained. More details could have been added, such as where to put the splatter, where to place the effects etc. Overall I’m pleased with the end result, but for people less experienced I doubt this is even understandable. So thanks for the tut! But it ain’t beginner friendly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. People complaining about hardness?

    This one was pretty easy to be honest

  3. Very Good Tutorial Thanks

  4. This was a treat to do! I can’t understand all these ‘hardest thing evaaa’ comments.

  5. This was the hardest tutorial I have ever seen. Not beginner. More of an advanced one. I failed.

  6. This tutorial is bad explained, people is getting lost at step 6

  7. What is Sprite that i have to add at 6?

  8. You do not have experience with design, application and image processing c4ds, give a look at the meru SIMPLE result.

  9. this is what i made of my second try, i like how it came out, i like it better then my first try ^^

    i’m up for more practice

  10. this is what i made of it, I like this tut a lot, though it is quite hard to understand sometimes since i’m a beginner.

    i learned a lot, thanks for uploading

  11. To tell frankly this Tut is not beginner friendly …. this tut is only for the experience people but still i understand a few
    im a bit confused about the “unhide your next sprite” i can’t seem to see the sprite but still i will comeback when i have enough knowledge….great effort nice tut bu not beginner friendly

    Until nxt time

  12. its not that hard..its just not noobfriendly..for advanced gfxer this is nothin..but for us noob..

    its hard as hell…more like a turtorial..not a tutorial..its not well explained like for example make a + brush..

    it doesnt says make a + brush then explained how to make one…its frustating..IMO..

    and also…read no.6 says smudge your sprite..I dont see any smudge sprite there..

    and whats rotate??..rotate the whole canvass or just he layer..arrghh,..the technique is great…

    but the tutorial itself is like a puzzle..a maze…a riddle…a labyrynth…worst tutorial ever..4/10


  13. My outcome was alot difrent from this but it got abit nice anyway thanks for the teqniques! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. For me the harderst tutorial so far, I didn’t get quite of few lines, not that easy to understand, however this came out, not that good, but still ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Btw where did you get that sprite i know his from king of fighters though.

  16. where did u get that stock?

  17. It didnt help me in anyway… Still know nothing about all this shit

    • Maybe you might be an Idiot? Stop insulting peoples tutorials when it is your problem not theirs.

      • Being rude is insulting people ….. Maybe you should check yourself out before you go trolling and saying people are idiots :l

  18. I hate a lot of trouble with the render,
    my outcome wasn’t pretty.
    Yours, though, wรกs.

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