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Combining Techniques

Posted on May 9th, 2013. Written by JaspervD.

Often tutorials will show you only one technique for creating a sig, which is usually great.  But sometimes you'll want to combine a few of these techniques to create a signature.

In this tutorial I will show you how to combine various different technique's and filters to create the following signature:


Note: This tutorial is a premium members exclusive!

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It is fully labeled, this way you can exactly see what I did when creating the signature, even steps that I didn’t explain in the tutorial.

Never again you will get stuck because you don’t understand something in the tutorial, just take a look inside the .psd file and boost your signature making skills with new technique’s and ideas!

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This tutorial is for the more advanced users and it will not explain, for example, how to smudge. You can find many of the technique's used in this tutorial in the beginner tutorials on this site!

Step 1: The background and render

First thing is to start with your background.  I used a digital painting of a volcanic city.  Try to use images that you think will fit with the theme of your sig. You can use google image search to find some nice stock backgrounds.


Next thing you want to do is place your render.  For this I am using a hockey player, but the techniques can be applied to any person/character etc. You can find some great stocks in our stock gallery.

Position your render where you want it, and duplicate your render 5 times using right click > duplicate on the layer. Now you should have 6 different layers with your render on it.


Step 2: Adding effects to the render

In this step we will add various different technique's to our just created layers.

On the bottom layer (#1), go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set it to 20px.  Put this layer on Soft Light.  On the next layer(#2), go Filter>Distort>Displace.  Set it to 20 and 20 for the scales, Stretch to Fit and Repeat Edge Pixels.  Choose a .psd of yours for the displace filter.  On the next layer (#3), leave it as is except erase parts of it to increase blending.


On the next layer (#4), repeat the Displace steps with a different .psd, and put this layer on Lighten.  For the next layer (#5), use a soft round brush of 20px, and smudge the entire outline of your render, and put this layer on Lighten.  It should now look something like this.


Leave final layer (#6) untouched so all the effects you just made are behind this layer.


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  1. Finding the smudging part impossible

    also not getting good displacement results no matter what i do

  2. 5 dollars is nothing pretty much. And by the way fantastic tutorial

  3. First time photoshop in months

  4. boss

  5. 5 dollars? What a joke. I got halfway through this till I realized I had to pay. Fuck this website.

    • 90% of the tutorials are available for free and we have over hundreds of free tutorials on the forums. It says clearly at the start of the tutorial that it is a premium member only tutorial! Learn to read before complaining 🙂

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