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Grunge Beginner Tutorial

Posted on September 6th, 2006. Written by JaspervD.

In this tutorial Bluefire will teach you step by step how to make a nice grunge looking killzone signature using brushes and smudging.

Your final result will look like this:


Brushes used: click here
render used: click here

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  1. i would like some to me

    my sigture i like to be is TG XquzaH HD with is picture of chost recon

  2. Took me awhile and while it will get better…here’s a first try. First sig.

  3. The text on this made my hurt. Why black? I can barely tell what it says. Other then that the tut, itself, was great!

  4. I think this is a really cool tut, but…the black text made this take a lot longer then it should have. Hurt my eyes trying to read it for so long.

  5. Here is my try 🙂 First time when i make a sig like this 😛 with this tutorial 🙂

  6. Isn’t giving me the “other dynamics” option what should I do?

  7. I don’t have the “other dynamics” I’m currently using CS6 no idea if that helps you with my problem but 🙁

  8. First try on this tut

  9. I can’t find the “rocky” texture, and I’m using CS3.

  10. First try using this tut. I love it 🙂

  11. Where can we find the X brush? It is not included in the koolkidds_BIG_hardstract.abr?

    • u have to make it

  12. This is a pretty great tutorial. :’D

  13. Yo JaspervD What specific layer do i put the gradient under on? Because i’m at the dead end..

    • After you unhide all the picture renders and brush in the grunge effects apply the gradients on top of those layers.

      This is how mine turned out. I could only figure out how to do some of the gradients and had troubles creating the dot pattern so I improvised.

  14. Not many comments on this lately but i really cant get this dot pattern saved.. any help please? i tried it and i cant get a dot in the middle of the 3 by 3

    Thanks for any answers in advance 🙂

  15. awesome tutorial, best one ive found so far since reinstalling PS, looking forward to experimenting more!

  16. Next time I should choose a better background color for my sig to get a lighter appeal to work with but undeniably impressive tut as usual. Slowly I’m learning that the secret to a good sig is selection in gradients, blending layers and filters.

  17. hey wen i do the brush and lightly brush the top and bottom where the killzone pic is the brush dont show up over it only on the other parts help plz 🙂

  18. just go to deviantart..

    • ty

  19. hey where do u get a x brush and i dont have the option other dynamics i have cs5 plz send answer to emial ty

    • u wana use transfer i had the same prob put the strength jitter to 100% 🙂

  20. :DD

  21. Awesome tutorial dude

  22. fixed somethings

  23. very nice tutorial.

  24. Really nice tut.
    Here’s mine:

  25. my outcome

  26. i got my result like this
    awesome signature tutorial ^_^

  27. sow i messed with some setting i think is’ts way better.

  28. my version for this tut…:D

  29. I think there are lots of good tuts here but I think they should be labeled what you need to already have knowledge of to be able to do them. They are beginner tuts but I honestly had no idea of how to copy my image, what “smacking it on” meant, what my gradients were doing and whether I would just screw this whole thing up, and I had no idea whether I was brushing something or smudging something most of the time.

    I think it’s a great tutorial but I think there should be a warning about what people should already know to be able to attempt them. The instructions were good but as a complete newbie, I had no idea how to do most of the things I was supposed to do.

  30. mclogo: CTRL + N = opens up a new document. Then, type in the size of what you want the new document to be. Press OK.

    This is a great tutorial! This is my outomce.

  31. great tutorial

  32. Really nice tut, here is my outcome:

    i like it 🙂

  33. My Outcome:

  34. I don’t get it. I’m at the Scatter part (for cs2.) and I do as the tutorial says. but Instead of smudging. It appears many X’s instead :S

    • make sure you have selected the smudge tool and not the brush tool

    • me too

  35. Was unable to access the brushes as I am on a Mac which is a shame but will try out the tutorial anyway.

  36. null

    My best 2 outcomes of three =) killzone is the first outcome =) Arting since 3 months.

  37. Save the render as a png please.

    • the brush says Trojan when you download..

      • the file is not a trojan, its just a .abr file


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